Phoenix Property Investors ("Phoenix") is an experienced, independently-owned and managed private equity real estate investment group. Founded in 2002, Phoenix has a successful track record of creating value and delivering attractive results for its investors and stakeholders by developing exceptional real estate investment opportunities in the office, residential, retail, commercial, logistics, hospitality and non-discretionary retail and sectors across over 20 first-tier Asia-Pacific cities. By keeping all of the vital investments, project management, asset management, portfolio management, research, finance, legal, risk, compliance and investor relations functions in-house, Phoenix has ensured the best possible levels of collaboration to maintain efficiency and quality. As of 30 March 2023, Phoenix has successfully obtained the Australian Financial Services (AFS) License from the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).
We are a conservative, fundamental value oriented real estate investor and operator, working with global institutional investors, including sovereign wealth funds, public and corporate pension funds, foundations, university endowments, insurance companies and important family offices. We are active in the opportunistic equity, core/core-plus equity and debt business.
Over the past 21 years, Phoenix has managed over US$14.5 billion of gross real estate assets* with over 150 professionals1 operating from seven offices.
*As of December 31, 2022, Phoenix has managed over US$14.5 billion2 of gross real estate assets; comprised of approximately US$7.9 billion of current assets (including approximately US$7.5 billion2 of assets solely managed by Phoenix and approximately US$0.4 billion2 of assets co-managed by Phoenix and joint venture partners); as well as approximately US$6.6 billion2 of gross real estate assets sold or realized which are no longer under management by Phoenix. This is the estimated market value of Phoenix Group’s current assets and includes both equity (such as undrawn capital commitment, cash and cash equivalents, etc.) and debt (excluding short-term loan or subscription line in the amount of approximately US$176.6 million). Please refer to Legal & Regulatory for detailed explanation of Market Value.
Working closely with some of the world’s most renowned architects and designers, Phoenix has created value through its distinctive, premium-quality, award-winning real estate projects – each positively underpins our commitment to excellence.
Cubus, Hong Kong
1. Professional members include administration and management personnel from seven Phoenix offices and Shanghai Crystal Galleria.
2. The figures are rounded to the nearest tenths of a billion.
3. This chart only shows Fund V and Fund VI, our two most recent opportunistic funds, for relevance purposes. These funds are most reflective of Phoenix’s performance and infrastructure to date. Phoenix’s partners and country heads of two of our key focus markets, Daisuke Hayashi and Trent Winduss, who joined us at the onset of Funds V and VI respectively, are still leading the Japan and Australia teams today.
4. Based on cashflows as of September 30, 2022.